Shearing 2013


Last week was shearing time. It’s one of the bigger events on the farm calender and while it’s a pretty intense week, it’s also a lot of fun. This year we had: 2 shearers, 1 wool classer, 3 sheep dogs, 1 roustabout, Agness working at the table, Anthony delivering and receiving sheep to and from the shed, 822 sheep across 3 days. The end result; 2.5 Tonnes of fleece, which the photo shows on the truck to the Sydney wool market.

There was a bit of excitement when one of the ewes broke her water while being shorn, but everything turned out fine, we got her straight out into the paddock and he had a strong, healthy lamb about an hour later.

If anyone wants to see a video of one of our sheep being shorn, there is one on last years shearing post  http://highsteaksfarming.com.au/shearing

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