All our beef and lamb packs contain sausages. In wake of some recent confusion, we thought we’d explain the situation regarding the sausages.

When cutting up a carcase, there is always some fatty trim left over. The usual way to make use of this is to make it into sausages. As well as this trim, our sausages contain rice flour and sulphur dioxide preservative. We cannot make preservcative free sausages as they need to be frozen within 24 hours of making them and we don’t have the facilities to do that.

We understand that some people can’t or don’t wish to eat sausages, so we have some options for not getting sausages in your pack.

For beef packs, we can either make sausage mince, (about 15 % fat) and perfect for meatloaf or for making your own sausages; or we can substitute mince for the sausages.

With lambs, you will get the trim in some form. You can get it just as a bag of trim, or we can mince it for you.

We do our best to accommodate any special requests regarding sausages, but please understand that it may not always be possible to get exactly what you want.

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