Living in Our Neck of the Woods

Last month when we were about to leave for the markets we had a small mishap. The ute was packed, the dog was tied on. We unplugged the cool room from the shed and went to start the generator. The starter cord came off in Anthony’s hand as he pulled it. Ok, minor mishap, go get some tools. On closer examination there was fuel leaking out all over the generator – major mishap. We rang a neighbour and borrowed his for the weekend.

On our way to pick up the genny we were talking about what else we could have done and that within a 10 minute drive of us there are probably half a dozen people who would gladly lend us their generators. This is the way things work around here.

Bocoble doesn’t have a general store or a pub. What we do have is an amazing, local support network.

When there’s fencing jobs to be done,  there’s always a couple of people to help, and three people together can do a lot more done than they can individually. Of course, by three o’clock we’re back in the shed with the bbq going and a “couple” of icy cold beers.

We have five dogs, but we don’t need a guard dog. Our nearest neighbour, whose house overlooks our driveway, comes to check on things if a strange car comes in and he knows we’re not home. He also comes to check on Kali, our dog who is terrified of storms, if we’re not home and there’s thunder and lightning about.

There’s a group of old fellows who all live on their own, that get together regularly. They say it’s to watch the football, but it’s also about keeping an eye out for each other.

The old people and single mums around here never have to worry about cleaning their gutters or cutting fire wood. It just gets done.

Everyone pitches in, as much or as little as they can, when they can. There’s no obligation and never any expectation that the favour will get returned. The folks around here just have an affinity for this little patch of the earth and that means looking after each other.

This is community. And it’s one of the reasons we love living in this neck of the woods.

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