Demonstrating Provenance

It has been brought to our attention that there has been several cases of so called free range meat producers buying livestock out of the saleyards and sending it straight to the abattoir, then selling it as their own, home grown product. In one case we heard of , the offender was simply buying wholesale boxed meat and passing it off as his own. Please note that we’ve not heard any bad stories about people who sell meat at either the Castle Hill or Blackheath markets we attend.

A business like ours relies on trust between the producer and the customer. This trust is built from conversations during email exchanges and at the market itself. These interactions have usually been enough in our case to satisfy our customers that our produce is genuine, but with dodgy operators entering the market, we feel we should make an effort to guarantee the provenance of the meat we sell.

Whenever animals move off our property, they are accompanied by a document called a “National Vendor Declaration” (NVD). This document contains information about the history of the animals; where they were born, the conditions they were raised under and any chemicals they may been exposed to. It also serves as a chain of custody for them. It is signed by us as the vendors and the truck driver who takes legal possession of the stock from the moment they get on the truck until they are delivered to their destination, at which point the NVD is handed over to the next person in the custody chain.

If anyone is unsure about the provenance of the meat they are buying, they can ask to see the NVD. We will have them a the market for inspection by anyone who wants to see them. Feel free to ask to see it, or to ask any other questions regarding the history of our produce. Also, as we’ve said before, farm visits are always welcome.



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