Language and Livestock Handling

As we redesign and rebuild our cattle yards we have been thinking about how the language we use affects our attitudes and therefore our actions. We have always had a problem in the area where the cattle are guided into the “race,” the long narrow lane where they travel in single file towards the . . . → Read More: Language and Livestock Handling

Meat free week

This week is “Meat Free Week”, a campaign run by “Voiceless,” an animal welfare activist group. The idea is to give up eating meat for one week, in order to raise awareness and money (through sponsorship), of the health, animal welfare and environmental problems caused by factory farming. You can check out their website . . . → Read More: Meat Free Week

Drought feeding

The dry spring and summer and caused us some difficulties; not the least of which is making sure the sheep and cattle have enough to eat. We still had a lot of feed at the end of spring, but the very hot weather meant it mostly turned to straw. Dry grass still has lots . . . → Read More: Scrub Feeding

Creek Crossing

With the dry weather, the creek has finally been dry enough to build our new crossing. We talked about this all the way back in April and we were finally able to get it done last month. The old crossing is simply a track across the creek and the floodplain which had caused headcuts . . . → Read More: Creek Crossing

Stupid Sheep?

So we all know sheep are stupid right? And if we’re after a long range weather forecast, we look to a meteorologist, not a sheep. Well regular readers may remember our post from May¬† where we talked about how we couldn’t keep the rams away from the ewes this year, so lambing was going . . . → Read More: Stupid Sheep?

The Rise of the Celebrity Chef

With the rise of celebrity chefs in our culture, I got to wondering what’s driving it and why technical, chef style cooking is becoming so important to us. At dinner parties, we are expected to present fancy, restaurant style meals, with jus instead of sauce and reductions instead of gravy. The question is, why . . . → Read More: The Rise of the Celebrity Chef

Post-organic Farming

There is a veritable minefield of farming methods around, all of which claim to be the best way to produce food, care for livestock and look after the planet. There’s organic, biodynanic and holistic management to name a few, and many of them have certification processes. At last count . . . → Read More: Post-organic Farming

Oils Ain’t Oils…

…and not all fats are created equal. We’ve all heard about the detrimental health impact of manufactured trans fats; but quality, naturally occurring fats are essential for our complex biochemical and metabolic functioning, right down to the cellular level.

Omega 3 fatty acids are a group of three polyunsaturated fats; ALA (found in plant . . . → Read More: Oils Ain’t Oils…

How Nutrient Dense Is Your Food?

So we’ve all heard that pasture fed meat is better for us. That compared to grain fed meat it contains less calories, saturated fat and cholesterol and more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a healthier fat profile. But what does all this mean?

Aside from the environmental and animal welfare issues . . . → Read More: How Nutrient Dense Is Your Food?

Bush tucker, bovine style

Cattle finding a tasty treat in the thick scrub.

For the last couple of weeks, the cows have been in a large paddock which is mostly covered in dense scrub. This is a new experience for them and they have been having diffuculties finding the good grass. They tend to stay in the . . . → Read More: Bush tucker, bovine style