A. Incised channel

This channel is the most downstream portion of the creek on our farm. Erosion has cut down a channel to below the level of the floodplain. In parts you can see exposed bedrock at the base of the channel, it is now stable and won’t down cut any further but it means . . . → Read More: A. Incised channel

B. B is for BIG Headcut

A headcut is a sudden change in elevation at the upstream edge of a gully. The height of a headcut can vary from a few centimeters to a couple meters. During dry times the soil on the face of the headcut dries out and cracks. At the next flow event, water is . . . → Read More: B. B is for BIG Headcut

C. Pond

This deep pool is located ~40 m upstream from the big headcut. There is a willow tree at the downstream end which offers some protection but if the headcut keeps moving we will loose this pool.

This photo is a wonderful demonstration of the power of water. The water . . . → Read More: C. Pond

D. Nothern Creek Crossing

This is the main access point to paddocks to the north and north east of the creek. Although we try to minimise driving over the the paddocks there are times when it’s unavoidable, like when a cow is having trouble calving or to bring back a ute load of fire wood. The . . . → Read More: D. Nothern Creek Crossing

E. Incised Channel

The portion of the creek from the spring in the 30 acre paddock to the crossing in the creek paddock is of the least concern. Although relatively straight, the channel here is not too deep and has really good vegetation cover, there is some erosion as you move downstream closer to the . . . → Read More: E. Incised Channel

F. Spring

This spring is located about half way up the slope from the creek. When we moved here it was just water seeping from the hill side but now has wetland vegetation growing in front of it. It’s a nice indicator that subsurface water recharge is happening. Water infiltrates at the top of . . . → Read More: F. Spring

G. Gully Erosion

There is an area of gully erosion above the spring in the 30 acre paddock. This looks like it once was a rabbit warren which has collapsed.

This could potentially compromise the spring but the affected area is quite small and the erosion is happening at a very slow . . . → Read More: G. Gully Erosion

H. Incised Channel

The creek upstream of the spring in the 30 acre paddock is one of the most degraded portions and will be challenging to fix. The channel is straight and deep and does not lie on the valley floor. The bottom of the channel is not on bedrock and so will continue to . . . → Read More: H. Incised Channel

I. Headcut

This headcut is located a few meters downstream of the first southern creek crossing. It is not progressing at a very fast rate but will need to be stabilised as in future we intend to use only this crossing, allowing the one further upstream to silt over and rehabilitate.

. . . → Read More: I. Headcut

J. Southern Creek Crossing 1

This crossing is currently not accessible to cars; bikes and horses get across but it needs a more gentle gradient for the ute.  A one rock dam will be built to provide a stable base and prevent erosion from driving. This crossing will become the main vehicle access to the paddocks to . . . → Read More: J. Southern Creek Crossing 1