Blade & Oyster Blade

Blade and oyster blade are cut from the shoulder. These muscles are really the extension of the rib eye but harder working. Layered with fat and connective tissue, the flavour is exceptional. Blade is really versatile, it can be grilled, fried or roasted, it can be crumbed and shallow fried and used in stews, casseroles or as a braising steak. Blade is great for slow cooking but also when sliced thinly, it is really underrated as a grilling or BBQ steak. It is more chewy than the prime cuts, as it is cut along and not across the grain, so benefits from marinating if cooking past medium.


BBQ blade steak with lime and garlic bean puree

Oyster blade with seeded mustard sauce

Baked oyster blade

The world is your oyster blade – a couple of recipes from Stephanie Alexander

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