The Speckle Park

Our new bull, Speckled Jim, has settled in well. We have talked before about the type of cows we are breeding, so we thought we would elaborate on our choice of the Speckle Park.


The breed originates all the way from Canada and although breeding was primarily focused on producing the unusual colour pattern it resulted in hard, strong and milky cattle. The bos indicus bulls we have been using for the last few years are known for their ranging ability and we’re really impressed with the size and shape of calves they produce (we haven’t assisted in a single birth since they’ve been around). However, there is a compromise on some other traits such as the milk producing ability of the cows.

The Speckle Parks are said to be docile, the cows are very maternal and have good udders and are heavy milking. They are very hardy, adapting well to harsh conditions and apparently they can also grow a winter coat overnight which will be handy in our climate. And last, but not least, we just like the look of them.

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