The Fairy Wrens are back!

We have a big shrub near the front veranda which we call the bird tree. It is home to multitude of little birds: a Willie Wagtail, a pair of Crested Pigeons, a whole host of LBJs (that’s ‘Little Brown Jobs’ and is a technical term used in my bird ID book) and a family of Superb Fairy Wrens.

Since we moved in five years ago we have seen the wrens raise chicks each year and each generation gets a little more tame. They’re quite happy to hop around on the veranda and perch on the coffee table while we’re sitting there. At the beginning of winter a Grey Butcher Bird moved in, and the fairy wrens disappeared.

While we liked having the butcher bird around, we were a little concerned about the wrens, as small birds are part of the butcher birds’ diet. So we were rather pleased when we got back from the market last weekend to find that the wrens are back. They seem happy to be back too, they spent about an hour chasing each other round and round the base of the bird tree one morning.

So goodbye to our winter visitor (butcher birds are nomadic), it was fun watching your antics and we’ll miss your beautiful song. Happy travels and maybe we’ll see you next year. And thanks for not eating the small blue guys!

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