Sprouting Grain for Sheep

As feed options for our sheep have been hard to come by, the best we could come up with was a wheat and lupin mix. There are many reasons we don’t like feeding grain to our animals, but we have to supplement with something as there isn’t enough grass to keep them healthy; so we’ve been sprouting the grain for them.

We had an old water tank which was recently replaced, so it’s been cut into five kitchen windowsills, each of which can hold about 100 kg of grain (about an inch thick). It gets watered a couple of times a day and grows roots then shoots.


It takes ten days for the grain to sprout, so we can feed them every second day. The sprouting process converts most of the sugars into proteins and makes the grain more digestible, removing the negative health effect that come from a ruminant eating grain. The sheep love it, they eat the roots, the seed and the green shoots, and so far they are doing OK.

2 comments to Sprouting Grain for Sheep

  • Helen Wiessner

    So pleased to hear about the rain. Have been knitting lamh coats for over sheep farnmers would you like some for next winter.

  • Linda

    Great solution! I read an article once about a beef farmer in some dust bowl place who was doing this for cattle, sprouting barley I think and growing it to a certain length and feeding it to the cows…apparently at the length he was feeding it was no longer classified as a grain but a grass….his meat was called grass fed….

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