Scanning Ewes

Today we’ve brought all the sheep home and are sorting them in preparation for scanning tomorrow. We have a contractor coming in who will ultrasound the ewes and tell us if they are carrying single or twin lambs or if they’re empty.

Usually, we try to interfere with the livestock as little as possible but, as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. After a terrible lambing season last year we decided to manage things a little differently this year. We’ve had about 10 mm of rainfall in the last two months and there’s little in sight. Most of NSW is still drought declared and, feed is expensive and difficult to source.

We will tweak the plan after the ewes have had their ultrasound and we have definite numbers but the rough idea is to put any empty ewes out in the hills with the wethers, where they can fend for themselves. Pregnant ewes will go out in the best paddocks where we have been saving up grass. We have also ordered some feed so anyone with twins will get an extra ration to make sure they’re in the best shape possible when lambing starts at the end of September.

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