More Drought Feeding

Drought is a part of life in Australia, and we do plan for it. Our strategy has been to always have twelve months of grass on hand. The last time we had a growing season was Autumn 2017 and we managed quite well until the start of winter this year.

Unfortunately we are now up to 15 months without any growth and there’s nothing left to eat. We are working hard to manage ground cover, as if we lose that, we’ll lose topsoil, and the ground won’t absorb the rain when it does come, (and it will one day.) This means we are having to bring in feed from outside the farm; we are only feeding grain to the breeding sheep at this point, but we don’t know the provenance of the hay we’re getting (it’s so hard to find, you take what you get at this point) so we want anything we feed to have well and truly passed through before we start selling meat again.

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