Laying Good Foundations


We’ve ┬ástarted working with Tinker, our foal, again in the last few weeks. After handling her as much as possible in the first weeks of her life, we turned her and her mother out into the paddock and left them alone.

5 months later, when we brought them home to continue the training, we weren’t sure how much would have stuck. Tinker wasn’t keen to be caught, but once we had a halter on her it was amazing how much she remembered. We could lead her anywhere, including into a narrow dark shed, and up and down ditches, she’d give us her feet and we tied her up with no trouble at all. Even when she got a fright, when tied to a post, she second she felt the rope, she gave her head to it and never even made the knot tight.

She’s back out in the paddock at the moment, but we’ll start bringing her in more regularly now and working more with her.

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