Garden Redesign

Our vegetable garden consisted of a series of round beds with a movable chook dome. The chooks were moved around, clearing and fertilising the beds before planting and locked out of the garden during the growing season.


Barring the odd incursion by the chickens or the turkeys, the system worked pretty well. Until we got the guinea fowl.

IMG_7646They fly really well and there’s no keeping them out of the garden. Last year they dug up or ate nearly everything we planted. We miss having an abundance of our own vegetables, and how creative it makes our cooking and delicious the eating, so it’s time to redesign the garden. We’re putting in beds which will be permanently covered, keeping the birds in or out (hopefully) as we choose.

IMG_9052It’s a work in progress and it will take a while to build up soil in the raised beds but we should be eating our own harvest again soon.

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