Flood Fences

Once again the flood fences have come down.

We have two main creeks running through the land we graze. Fencing across them is a challenge, as the water changes throughout the year and, in some places, they dry right up. The usual method is to continue the fence between the banks in a straight line, then we run a cable between posts both sides. We then hang strips of netting from the cable like a curtain which lays along the water and rises and falls with the creek level. This allows water to pass through, but prevents livestock from travelling thought the fence.

Occasionally, when the rain is really heavy, the water carries debris with it, which gets tangled in the netting and pulls it down. We usually find it still attached to one side swinging in the creek, then we just have to put it back together. The recent flood, coming after months of dry weather, brought branches with it, which came up high enough to pull down the main fences as well. It’s going to be quite a job to get everything back together. Fortunately the animals weren’t in the paddock where most of the damage occurred, so we don’t have to worry about getting them back.

Below are some pictures of one of the fences that went down last week. There are more, but until things dry out a bit, they are a bit inaccessible.


Photo0013 Photo0014 Photo0015

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