A New Flood Fence Design

As we talked about last month, our flood fences needed rebuilding. After some thought, we decided to try a couple of different approaches.fence-2

In the first place, there are rocky banks either side of the creek which we could sink short posts into. Attached to theses are 2 long rails spanning the creek. One end they are tied on the posts with strong wire, the other side they are only attached with thin tie wire. It’s a good visual barrier and it’s open enough to let most debris through in a small flood; but if a half a tree comes roaring down the creek (which can happen) the rails should break at the weak end and spin around the post so they point downstream. Then all we need to put it back up is a pair of pliers and some tie wire.


Around the corner where the fence crosses the creek a couple of times, there is nowhere to put posts. The creek bed is all boulders and the bank isn’t stable enough. Here we decided to try a more psychological than physical barrier. The strings of tin cans are bright and shiny and clatter as the animals walk past which should discourage them from trying to push through. The fence is really nothing more than a bead curtain, but it seems to be working so far. Once again, the rope is attached by a thin thread on one side, so it will break under strain and should lay along the bank waiting to be reattached.

fence-6 1 fence-5

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