D. Nothern Creek Crossing

This is the main access point to paddocks to the north and north east of the creek. Although we try to minimise driving over the the paddocks there are times when it’s unavoidable, like when a cow is having trouble calving or to bring back a ute load of fire wood. The current crossing goes over the main creek line and then through a marshy area where a tributary to the creek goes underground and forms a wetland. This area is usually soft and boggy and is not always accessible during high flows. There used to be a lot more vehicle traffic here than there is now. There are deep trenches and holes and every time it rains the erosion gets a little worse.

The solution here is to build a new creek crossing which is properly stabillised and minimises the length of the track. Then with a little bit of work the eroded areas can be stabillised, start to collect sediment and re-vegetate.


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