Creek Crossing Update

Back in November 2013, we built a new creek crossing. the original crossing was an eroded mess and we hoped that by not driving across it anymore, it would stabilise and begin to recover. See http://highsteaksfarming.com.au/d-nothern-creek-crossing/ and http://highsteaksfarming.com.au/creek-crossing/ for info an pictures on what we did.

Here are some pictures of before (left) and after (right).

d_track_0804131-199x300 IMG_5365


After 18 months, the results are pretty good, you can see grass moving in and the holes are filling up. As it’s a wet area, recovery can be reasonably fast without requiring any input from us, other than leaving it alone to do it’s thing. Dry areas of erosion, such as tops of hills, tend not to recover so quickly without help, as there’s no water and naturally generated mulch to do the job.


And here’s the before and after pictures of the new crossing.


IMG_5362 P1050162


Here you can see the grass has returned and the crossing itself has stabilised. It’s been a great success. We can get across the creek any time we wish, no matter how wet it is, and are no longer damaging the creek in order to do so.

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