Constraints of Winter

Winter is a tricky time on the farm as most farm work happens during the reduced daylight hours. Further complicating things is the fact that the mornings are always wet from fog or frost and it gets very cold very early, as soon as the sun starts to dip in the afternoons.

fireIn the mornings, it’s usually 10 o’clock by the time the horses are dry enough to put a saddle on and we just don’t want to be outside when the ground is still covered in frost. Then around 3, the cold starts to move in and by the time we’ve put the chickens home, brought in firewood and given the dogs a run and fed them, it’s getting dark. This leaves about 5 hours to get a days work done.

Most days, the middle period of the day is about as nice as it ever gets. Clear skies and gentle breezes make for great conditions to be outside working, but jobs need to be planned well as the time runs out so quick. As a lot of the work we do is a long way from the house, we tend to schedule lots of small jobs for this time of year; we’ll do repairs on fences rather than planning big rebuilds. the upside is that we don’t have to worry about dogs and horses overheating and we get to spend long evenings inside in front of the fire, slow cooking stews and curries.


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