Woolshed Update

Last month we talked about the repairs we are doing to our wool shed. Here are some pictures of the work in progress. Here’s the new floor going down.

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Feral Animals

Our farm is home to far more than just sheep and cattle. As well as the myriad of native animals (kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, birds, etc) we have a large number of non-native, . . . → Read More: Feral Animals

Ram libido and the best time to shear

Once again, March and April have been a difficult period of chasing rams around the neighbourhood, then locking them up and having to hand feed them.

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Community Grazing

We’ve convinced another of our neighbours to join our grazing community. “What’s community grazing?” you ask. Let us explain, but first a short lesson about how grass grows…

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Cruelty in Shearing Sheds

Recently, PETA produced video footage of horrendous acts of cruelty in woolsheds around Australia. We thought we should respond to this with some of our own experiences of spending quite a bit . . . → Read More: Cruelty in Shearing Sheds

Demonstrating Provenance

It has been brought to our attention that there has been several cases of so called free range meat producers buying livestock out of the saleyards and sending it straight to the . . . → Read More: Demonstrating Provenance

The Agroecosystem

No, it’s not an angry habitat.

There are very few environments on this planet that have not been touched by human beings. But is that a bad thing?

We often see ourselves . . . → Read More: The Agroecosystem

Living in Our Neck of the Woods

Last month when we were about to leave for the markets we had a small mishap. The ute was packed, the dog was tied on. We unplugged the cool room . . . → Read More: Living in Our Neck of the Woods

Language and Livestock Handling

As we redesign and rebuild our cattle yards we have been thinking about how the language we use affects our attitudes and therefore our actions. We have always had a problem in . . . → Read More: Language and Livestock Handling

Meat free week

This week is “Meat Free Week”, a campaign run by “Voiceless,” an animal welfare activist group. The idea is to give up eating meat for one week, in order to raise awareness . . . → Read More: Meat Free Week