Training Jaco

We’ve started giving our youngest dog, Jaco, some more responsibility. He had some basic training a while ago and we’ve just been building his confidence and letting him do the things he . . . → Read More: Training Jaco

Have you ever seen a grey baby horse?

Unless it was an albino, or a unicorn, then probably not.

Horse colour genetics are incredibly complicated, and we don’t proffess to be experts, but we’ve been doing a bit of investigation . . . → Read More: Have you ever seen a grey baby horse?

Workplace Injuries

Buster injured his leg jumping over a fence in the sheep yards last week. A trip to the vet and x-rays confirmed torn knee ligaments.

We were given two options: send him . . . → Read More: Workplace Injuries

Calves 2016

A Word on Hounds

Greyhounds have had a lot of exposure lately. We’re not going to talk about the Greyhound industry here, there’s been plenty said in the media about that already.

We’ve had a hound . . . → Read More: A Word on Hounds

From Wool to ...?

One of our customers is learning how to spin wool and recently asked us if we could supply some fleece for her. She brought along the finished skein to the last market . . . → Read More: From Wool to …?

The Speckle Park

Our new bull, Speckled Jim, has settled in well. We have talked before¬†about the type of cows we are breeding, so we thought we would elaborate on our choice of the Speckle . . . → Read More: The Speckle Park

Ethics of Hunting, Part 2

In part 1 of our series on hunting, we talked about foxes and we argued that the death of the fur trade has had a negative effect on the welfare the fox. . . . → Read More: Ethics of Hunting, Part 2

Ethics of Hunting, Part 1

We often talk about the ethical stance we take in farm and land management. Most of the time, the issues are pretty straightforward but there are some that are bit prickly and . . . → Read More: Ethics of Hunting, Part 1

Willow's Recovery

Back in April, our young mare Willow acquired a nasty injury to her hind leg. ¬†A piece of wire got wrapped around her leg, severing about 90% of her superficial flexor tendon . . . → Read More: Willow’s Recovery