The Farmers Met a Knitter

When we moved to the farm ten years ago we only had cattle and had little interest, and no experience, in sheep.

There was a shearing shed here so we bought some sheep so that it wouldn’t fall down; reasoning that, if it’s used it will be looked after.

Over the years we have . . . → Read More: The Farmers Met a Knitter

Some New Rams

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed summers in our area are consistently getting hotter. This is changing our situation in regards to sheep and blowflies and we are now dealing with flystrike on a regular basis in our flock. At first this seemed like an anomaly, but it’s looking more like . . . → Read More: Some New Rams

More Wildlife

We’ve always known they were in the area; there’s road signs signaling the fact and we’ve occasionally heard them grunting in the distance. And now we’ve seen one!

Peregrine Falcons

Although we live in hilly country, there’s not many escarpments. So we were very excited to recently discover that a nesting pair of Peregrine falcons have taken up residence on a rocky ledge.

Wild Goats

We have a fair number of goats living on our farm. It’s hard to know precisely how many, as they typically live in the more inaccessible country, but once a year, the nannies go off by themselves to have babies and the the billies all get together in bachelor groups, or “rucks”. Just . . . → Read More: Wild Goats

A Day in the Life

We can’t see any other houses from where we live, but our neighbours are never far away.

We brought the sheep home last week, and yesterday was the day to sort through them and see how the lambs are going. With a bit of rain coming after a long spell we were worried about . . . → Read More: A Day in the Life

Calving Heifers

Each year we pick a few young cows to keep as herd replacements. When it was time to put the bulls in earlier in the year, the last lot of heifers were still very small and rather than separating them we decided to leave them in with the herd, thinking they were still too . . . → Read More: Calving Heifers

Ewes and Lambs

Here’s some footage of ewes and lambs grazing.

The very youngest lambs stay very close to mum, following her around like a shadow and watching everything she does very closely. While their diet at this stage is still predominantly milk they are starting to sample various plants. The slightly older ones are happy to . . . → Read More: Ewes and Lambs

Managing for a Dry Season

I recently was chatting with a bunch of people at a neighbours place and the conversation was largely about the weather; how dry it’s been and if it’s likely to rain soon. The general consensus was that it’s a disaster, the worst season ever, etc. In fact we haven’t had any significant rain . . . → Read More: Managing for a Dry Season

Wildlife Highway


Along a ridge there is fence separating a mostly cleared paddock from an area of thick steep bushland. Behind a tree there is a hole in this fence which is regularly used by our neighbours to travel between the two areas. We setup a trail camera pointed at the hole, and left it . . . → Read More: Wildlife Highway