A New Addition to the Farm

It’s been a long wait since Buster the stallion visited us last summer but the newest addition to the farm, Tinker, has finally arrived. It’s been a lot of fun getting to . . . → Read More: A New Addition to the Farm

No meat for you!

“‘We’ll all be rooned,’ said Hanrahan.” 

We try not to complain about the weather, because the season is never going to be exactly as we’d like it, but we do think a . . . → Read More: No meat for you!

Auto Draft


In hilly country such as ours, water tends to concentrate in the valleys. This causes erosion in the valleys and means the hills . . . → Read More: More Environmental Work

Skinny Lambs

For the last couple of months the lambs we have been selling haven’t had the fat cover that we like to see. This is a result rather unusual seasonal conditions. We had . . . → Read More: Skinny Lambs

Dam Walls

With so much rain falling, all our dams are full. A couple of weeks ago we noticed one dam with water leaking over the wall. This is not good, and can become . . . → Read More: Dam Walls

The Waterfall

Last week we were wandering around the hillier parts of the farm, where the ewes are just beginning lambing. We were walking into some fairly inaccessible areas to see how the feed . . . → Read More: The Waterfall

tree Planting

The creek line which runs through our farm has been completely cleared of trees. Combined with bad grazing management in the past, this has turned the creek, in places, into an incised . . . → Read More: Tree Planting

Catnapping - Part 2

Our cat has come home! Our friends from next door, who had catnapped her, brought her home to us in a cage with some advice on how to be cat people. We . . . → Read More: Catnapping – Part 2

A New Addition to the Pack


This month we acquired a new dog form our neighbour who, now in his late 70’s, is soon moving into town and struggling . . . → Read More: A New Addition to the Pack

The Cromulent Catnapping Caper

catWhen we first moved here, there was a cat living in the woolshed. We’re not really cat people, but he didn’t cause us . . . → Read More: The Cromulent Catnapping Caper