2017 Wool Clip

The shearing shed is full of wool bales but we’re not any closer to getting our wool from paddock to garment than we were last year.

IMG_8705 . . . → Read More: 2017 Wool Clip

Some New Ewes

We have spoken before (Which breed of cow should I be eating?, Selecting livestock for resilience over performance) about our rationale for breading our own, locally adapted livestock.

Our preference when buying . . . → Read More: Some New Ewes



The wettest winter on record, followed by the hottest summer on record, has meant our district is blanketed in long, thick dry grass. . . . → Read More: Fires

Game Meat

We’ve written before about the feral animals on our farm and our obligation to “control” them. We’ve always thought they were better treated as resource than a pest, so we are building . . . → Read More: Game Meat

Marking Calves

Last week was that time of year when we bring the cattle in to get a good look at them and process the year’s calves. The word “marking” comes from the practise . . . → Read More: Marking Calves

A New Addition to the Farm

It’s been a long wait since Buster the stallion visited us last summer but the newest addition to the farm, Tinker, has finally arrived. It’s been a lot of fun getting to . . . → Read More: A New Addition to the Farm

No meat for you!

“‘We’ll all be rooned,’ said Hanrahan.” 

We try not to complain about the weather, because the season is never going to be exactly as we’d like it, but we do think a . . . → Read More: No meat for you!

Auto Draft


In hilly country such as ours, water tends to concentrate in the valleys. This causes erosion in the valleys and means the hills . . . → Read More: More Environmental Work

Skinny Lambs

For the last couple of months the lambs we have been selling haven’t had the fat cover that we like to see. This is a result rather unusual seasonal conditions. We had . . . → Read More: Skinny Lambs

Dam Walls

With so much rain falling, all our dams are full. A couple of weeks ago we noticed one dam with water leaking over the wall. This is not good, and can become . . . → Read More: Dam Walls