December Specials

We will have some beef and lamb cuts available for pick up from Castle Hill farmers market this Saturday, 8th December and Blackheath farmers market on Sunday, 9th December.

To reserve something, please email which cut and what quantity you would like to: highsteaksfarming@gmail.com

We always respond within 24 hours, so if you haven’t . . . → Read More: December Specials

Binky's Blog



This is my first ever solo effort at mustering sheep. I had a false start when they hid behind the dam, then I got distracted by a pile of horse hair on the ground and lost them for a moment; but in the end I got those bloody ewes in the . . . → Read More: Binky’s Blog

For the love of grass

As we struggled to supply adequate nutrition to our livestock this winter, we realised just how unappreciated grass is. Our breeding ewes and cows were getting grain for energy, hay for roughage plus protein supplements, mineral supplements, salt and molasses to keep them going. All these had to be in just the right ratios . . . → Read More: For the love of grass

Introducing Mile High Merino

It seems like an eternity since shearing but we finally have yarn in our hot little hands!

Its taken a while; working through the logistics, understanding the process and getting a product we’re happy with.

We will be launching Mile High Merino atĀ FibreFestĀ in Singleton on Sunday 28 October. You will find us at . . . → Read More: Introducing Mile High Merino

Sprouting Grain for Sheep

As feed options for our sheep have been hard to come by, the best we could come up with was a wheat and lupin mix. There are many reasons we don’t like feeding grain to our animals, but we have to supplement with something as there isn’t enough grass to keep them healthy; so . . . → Read More: Sprouting Grain for Sheep

Gambolling Lambs

A Terrible Lambing Season

The reason for so many bundles of joy in the shed and the house is that the ewes are abandoning their lambs. This happens when they don’t have enough nutrition to produce milk for them. In a poor season, when there’s not enough feed available, this is the sheep’s defense mechanism to allow them . . . → Read More: A Terrible Lambing Season

More Drought Feeding

Drought is a part of life in Australia, and we do plan for it. Our strategy has been to always have twelve months of grass on hand. The last time we had a growing season was Autumn 2017 and we managed quite well until the start of winter this year.

Unfortunately we are now . . . → Read More: More Drought Feeding

Drought Feeding

As we work our way through our fifth successive season without grass growth, we need to find ways to meet the nutritional requirements of the animals, and those who are either suckling or carrying young are having a tough time. Thanks to the generosity of our neighbours, we have the cows in a 400 . . . → Read More: Drought Feeding

Binky's Blog



The humans let me help Maya and Buster put the sheep in the yards.

I didn’t really know what I was doing so mostly I just chased Buster around. But I didn’t get in the way or stuff up the job!


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