October Specials - Blackheath

We will have some beef and lamb cuts available for pick up from Blackheath farmers market this Sunday, 8th October.

To reserve something, please email which cut and what quantity you would . . . → Read More: October Specials – Blackheath

Ewes and Lambs

Here’s some footage of ewes and lambs grazing.

The very youngest lambs stay very close to mum, following her around like a shadow and watching everything she does very closely. While their . . . → Read More: Ewes and Lambs

Managing for a Dry Season


I recently was chatting with a bunch of people at a neighbours place and the conversation was largely about the weather; how dry it’s . . . → Read More: Managing for a Dry Season

Wildlife Highway


Along a ridge there is fence separating a mostly cleared paddock from an area of thick steep bushland. Behind a tree there is a hole in this fence which is regularly . . . → Read More: Wildlife Highway

Garden Redesign

Our vegetable garden consisted of a series of round beds with a movable chook dome. The chooks were moved around, clearing and fertilising the beds before planting and locked out of the . . . → Read More: Garden Redesign

Ruining the fox, chicken and corn riddle

We have a couple of geese that wander around the house area. They don’t take much looking after, except at breeding time when they choose the most inconvenient places to build a . . . → Read More: Think you can solve the fox, chicken and corn riddle?

Are your ears painted on?

Someone once told us that when their father was training working dogs, quite often, and in exasperation, he would yell out “Are your ears painted on?”.

We like this saying (and have . . . → Read More: Are your ears painted on?

Laying Good Foundations


We’ve ┬ástarted working with Tinker, our foal, again in the last few weeks. After handling her as much as possible in the first . . . → Read More: Laying Good Foundations

Autumn on the farm

Destressing Weaners

We recently weaned our yearling cattle as we were sending the main mob out into hills for the winter and we need the yearlings close to home for the market each month. . . . → Read More: Destressing Weaners