Calving Heifers

Each year we pick a few young cows to keep as herd replacements. When it was time to put the bulls in earlier in the year, the last lot of heifers were still very small and rather than separating them we decided to leave them in with the herd, thinking they were still too young to breed. While a cow can conceive at 15 months for it’s first calf at 2, we like to leave them an extra year to become at least close to fully grown.

Looks like we misjudged things, because as the season went on some of them started looking more and more pregnant.

One of the main traits we look for in bulls is that they produce small, slippery calves and we usually don’t have any calving problems. Although we weren’t anticipating any trouble we’ve kept the young heifers close to home so we can keep an eye on them, just in case.

One has had her calf this week, with no assistance required, and mum and calf are both doing well.


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