Binky evaluation session

We recently had some sheep in the yards and we thought it would be good to see what our new pup, Binky, thinks of them. This wasn’t a training session, it was just an evaluation to see how she goes about things and if she’s even interested. It wouldn’t have worried us if she showed no interest at all; one of the best dogs we had did nothing until she was six months old.

After a bit of assistance from Jaco, she seemed to figure out what she was doing and to enjoy herself. We’re quite impressed with the way she worked; she was calm (for a 3 month old puppy) throughout and when the sheep stood up to her, she stepped back and barked rather than trying to bite. Any aggression is usually a sign of nervousness but we thought she showed good confidence overall.

We won’t do much more with her for a while, just the occasional bit of fun, until she has a bit more physical maturity and can handle herself if a sheep really takes her on.

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