Australia Day

This weekend is a time to reflect on what makes Australia a great place to live.

Around this time last year a friend of ours had a life threatening blood clot in his leg. He was taken to our local hospital, quickly transferred to a larger hospital at Dubbo, then airlifted to RPA in Sydney. Once there he was placed in an intensive care facility, where some of the best surgeons in the world operated on him, using the most modern sophisticated equipment in the world and saved both his life and his leg. He was then taken care of by specialists, nurses and physiotherapists until he made a full recovery.

Throughout all this, he was never asked his ethnicity, what colour his skin is, what religion he observes or how much money he has. 12 months later he still hasn’t received a bill for any of his treatment.

Every country I’ve visited has a version of the following:
– cooked meat inside pastry;
– a hops flavoured alcoholic beverage;
– a brand of car that used to be made locally but is now made offshore where labour is cheaper;
– racism dressed up as patriotism.

What sets Australia apart from almost every other country in the world is high quality, universal health care. That’s something worth celebrating.

Happy Australia Day

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