A Word on Hounds

Greyhounds have had a lot of exposure lately. We’re not going to talk about the Greyhound industry here, there’s been plenty said in the media about that already.

We’ve had a hound for a couple of years now. Although not a Greyhound (Gough is a Staghound), he’s a pretty typical sighthound. After only having Kelpies for many years, a hound was a new experience for us. From the moment we brought him home at 7 weeks old he’s been incredibly laid back and gentle. He does everything slowly, in his own time and likes nothing better than just hanging out with us. Very different to the busy Kelpies who are always ready to spring into action and love to get into mischief if you take your eye off them.

Although built for speed they are actually quite lazy, I once heard them very aptly described as a “70 km/h couch potato”. Gough does love to run but these are relatively short bursts followed by long periods of lying around doing absolutely nothing.

But beware, they do like to lean! They sidle up for a pat and before you know it you’ve become a leaning post.

So if you are looking for a dog, we recommend hounds: placid, affectionate and, surprisingly, very well suited to life in the suburbs.

Regardless of whatever happens to the greyhound industry in the future there is already a lot of dogs looking for new homes, so please consider adopting a greyhound.


Minnamurra and Guyra

The two pictured above are rescue dogs and regulars at the Castle Hill farmers market. They usually come to pay us a visit and we’ve gotten to know them over the years.¬†Quiet, gentle and well behaved dogs – quintessential hounds.



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