A Day in the Life

We can’t see any other houses from where we live, but our neighbours are never far away.

We brought the sheep home last week, and yesterday was the day to sort through them and see how the lambs are going. With a bit of rain coming after a long spell we were worried about worms too. As we graze our sheep together with one of our neighbours he of course same to help. It took about 5 hours to run about 1000 sheep through the yards and check them individually. Most are fine, there were a handful we had to treat for barber’s pole worm, but they’re basically looking pretty healthy, although there’s not quite as many lambs as we hoped for. We’ll need to have a good think about why that may be.

I’d no sooner sat down with cold drink when the phone rang. Another neighbour who is getting on a little (he’ll be 80 next year), was drenching his sheep after they’d been shorn and his hand was cramping up using the drench gun. He was on his own yesterday and really wanted to let the sheep out as they’d been locked up for a coupe of days. Could I come and help him get them finished. I told him to give me half an hour and I’d be there.

Before I got there, another neighbour called. His daughter has possibly broken her leg and his wife has her and the baby in the hospital waiting for Xrays. He’s stuck at work, could I get his his eldest boy off the school bus please and bring him home. That meant I had 45 minutes to finish drenching the sheep and get down to where the bus would stop. I made it; explained to the bus driver what was going on and hung around with the young fella for a while until his grandmother came for him.

So, I get home and let the dogs off for a run and see about that cold beer. I was halfway through it when the phone rang again. It was another neighbour in the other direction. “Your dog just arrived at our place. He’s fine, he’s just hanging around in the back yard talking to our dog.” “Alright,” I sighed, “I’ll come and get him.”

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